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A session with Bev....

Sessions go for either 1 or 2 hours, depending on the amount of 'stuff' you want to work on and let go of. In this time we will have a good chat about what is happening for you. We will also talk about what you would like to achieve or change in your life.

In this part of the session, I will also point out any limiting beliefs or stories that I may hear you say so that you can see what is happening in you unconscious mind. These beliefs and stories affect the choices you make and how you feel about yourself every day.

Then we move onto the deeper work. You get nice and comfy and I will use my voice to relax you and take you to a deeper state of being. Here we will work gently and safely to remove any pain and trauma from your body. We will also find the beliefs and stories that no longer serve you, challenge their current validity and change them to something you believe is empowering and authentic.

What I don't do is take you back into past traumas for the sake of re-experiencing them. Sometimes we may need to get close to them but you will always be safe. There are many ways to access where the pain and memory is held. There may be times where regression is beneficial. For example going back into your mum's womb to clear anything that you took on from her while she was pregnant. 

One of my greatest joys is to connect clients to their departed loved ones. Allowing space for reconnection as well as releasing grief out of the body so that the 'new' relationship and communication can begin. 

I don't prescribe 'number of sessions'. I believe you will know how well the session went by seeing how your life feels after the session. You will then know when or if you need another sesison.

Testimonial: I have had a number of sessions with Bev, she has helped me release trauma and conditioning giving me space to heal long abuse. I felt so safe and protected with Bev in her sessions - Anna

​$250 for 2 hours

$140 for 1 hour