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Surrogate sessions for children and adolescents

The energetic bond between parents and their children is a opportunity for profound healing.

Parents doing the healing for their kids

There is an energetic bond between primary caregivers and their children that cannot be questioned. You are so connected that you feel what they feel and spend way too much time worrying about them.

The good news is you can use this energetic bond to access healing for them. Through a unique hypnotherapeutic process called advocacy or surrogacy, you take on your child's energy and become them.

Once you take on your child's energy you can  can feel what is happening for them and release and replace the trauma and pain.

Having done dozens of these sessions over the years, the results have been profound. Kids feeling happier, teenagers suddenly motivated and anorexic children starting to refeed.

If this is something you are interested in, but you are not sure about, text or call me on 0438 307 798 and we can chat about whether this is something that will help you and your child.

Image by Bruno Nascimento
Healing children through parents: Services
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